Indian Railways And Booking Of Train Tickets

Indian Railways And Booking Of Train Tickets
The pulse of the transportation segment in India is of course Indian Railways. Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India is the controlling body of this department. At the helm of affairs is the Union Minister for Railways (current position held by Mamata Banerjee) assisted by two ministers of State for Railways and administered by the Railway Board. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai is a World Heritage Site; it is the first railway station in India. There are 16 zones of Indian Railways with sixty-seven divisions; initially it started with six. This department of the Indian govt. also happens to be the country’s single largest employer, employing approximately 1.6 million staff.

Getting a railway booking done is today hassle-free. You can do away with the long queues at the railways station ticket counter. There are Indian Railways agents and travel portals that facilitate travelers to buy train tickets to their advantage. No matter which part of the country you wish to visit, you can easily get a railway booking done online. Right from hilly terrains to plains, from deserts to snowy areas, Indian Railways covers all. As per the latest records, the total route length of the railways network is 64,061 km (39,806 mi) and total track used is about 111,600 km (69,300 mi). Out of the said figures, 46% of the total track and 31% of the route track have been electrified. The expansion spree as well as the electrification drive continues. Newer routes are added with addition of newer trains. You can get train tickets to the most interior of villages and where flights and buses are far fetched affairs.

Today, at travel portals you can not only book flights tickets or get a hotel accommodation right from the comfort of your space but also avail train tickets. Railway booking is no doubt simplified but there is a difference between booking of flights tickets and train tickets. In case of the former, you may get a seat with current bookings but there is no assurance of confirmed reservation in case of the latter.

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Irctc Tourism Packages And Railway Booking

Irctc Tourism Packages And Railway Booking
Do you think, travel packages are offered only by airlines and road transport companies? Of course not! Avail the travel packages offered by Indian Railways and you will know the difference. No matter whether you are domestic or international tourists, you can grab one of the budget and deluxe package tours organized by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a subsidiary of Indian Railways. This wing of the Indian govt. department also handles the catering, online ticketing operation and other tourism related activities of Indian Railways. Visit the IRCTC website and get your railway booking done or plan your tour to the destination of your choice.

If you want to visit the major tourist destinations across the country, book the Bharat Darshan package offered by IRCTC. This is a popular tourism package for budget tourists. Those who want sophistication in services, facilities, stay, food, etc. during the complete trip may opt to choose the luxury tourism package. There are special luxury trains dedicated for the luxury tour packages. These luxury trains run by Indian Railways are Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Royal Orient Express, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Golden Chariot, and Buddhist Circuit Train. IRCTC also happens to be a partner in the Maharajas Express operation. Getting pampered during the entire trip is what all makes the difference. Grab a luxury package and make your trip a memorable one! For more information about the other various holiday packages, rail tour packages, booking of hotels, cabs, etc., just log on to of Indian Railways.

It is not only conventional tourism that IRCTC entertains; adventure lovers will love the various packages offered by this tourism wing of Indian Railways. Right from wildlife treks to water sports, you can choose any or all. You can even get your tour customized as per your special requirements.

Railway booking is facilitated not only in the ticket counters but also online. Visit the IRCTC official website for the same. You can also get a railway booking done from your mobile phone even while on the move via GPRS or SMS!

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Railway Booking And Pnr Status

Railway Booking And Pnr Status

If you think the emergence of low cost airlines has affected the passenger count in railways, you are wrong! With super fast trains being introduced and the online railway booking process made easier, Indian Railways is the most preferred mode of transportation for people at large. There can be no better mode of transport than railways to discover real India, exploring the country in detail in her myriad forms from fully developed and crowded cities to well-planned towns, from green villages to dry terrains, from mountainous landscapes to the beautiful plains and what not! If you are located in one corner of the country and have not visited the other parts or if you are an overseas traveler, a train tour will well serve your sight seeing purpose. Get your railway booking done in one of the luxury trains and discover the country called India.

IRCTC, the tourism wing of Indian Railways, organizes budget and deluxe package tours for both domestic and foreign tourists. Bharat Darshan is one of the most popular tourism packages for the budget traveler; the trip covers important tourist destinations. Do get your railway booking done in advance for the package. Tourists getting railway booking done for deluxe package tours may opt any of the luxury trains like Deccan Odyssey, Palace on Wheels, Royal Orient Express to name a few as per the destinations chosen.

No matter whether it is just a normal travel or for tourism purpose, it is not easy to get tickets if you do not get the reservations done in advance. If you happen to book the tickets but have not got a confirmation, you need not go to the ticket counter to know whether you have a confirmed seat or not. Just check your PNR status online at the IRCTC website. Entering of the ticket details that you have already received will let you instantly view your PNR status. If there are numerous passengers in the waiting list, your PNR status will be exhibited with your seat number and berth number a few hours before the scheduled train departs.

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IRCTC and Railway Booking

IRCTC and Railway Booking

Traveling by Indian Railways is a pleasurable experience; especially the joy associated of spending your entire trip viewing the diverse landscape, hilly terrains, beautiful sceneries, etc. not to mention the different people belonging to different caste and creed. It covers almost all major villages, towns and the cities. It is no doubt a fact that you cannot get a Railways booking confirmation unless you go for advanced bookings. All trains under Indian Railways witness almost hundred per cent occupancy round the year. It transports over 20 million passengers and more than 2 million tons of freight everyday from 6900 plus stations.

To get the Railway Booking done, you may visit the official website of Indian Railways. As aforementioned do not go for current bookings otherwise you will have to postpone the date of your journey. Even waiting list and ‘tatkal’ reservation cannot guarantee you confirmed seats though most travelers rely on such railway booking as well.

Starting its journey in the year 1853, Indian Railways has achieved countless milestones till date, carving a niche as one of the largest railway networks in the world. Over time, additional services were introduced; worth mentioning is the cover of diverse tourist routes, stupendous hotels on wheels with five-star services. The catering, tourism and online railway reservation of the Indian Railways is undertaken by the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). It is the auxiliary wing of Indian Railways.

No matter whatever information you want to have access to such as the list of luxury trains and destinations covered, railways booking, list of trains, PNR status, routes, and more, you can view all at the IRCTC website. There are also travel portals that have tie-ups with the IRCTC facilitating online railway booking in accordance with the traveler’s convenience. You can even get a railway booking done online from your mobile phone via GPRS or SMS.

Besides a hassle-free railway booking, IRCTC also facilitates passengers to take care of ticket cancellations or modifications online. No matter which part of the country you want to travel to, Indian Railways rightly serves your purpose.

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