Indian Railways – A Massive Unit

Indian Railways – A Massive Unit
Indian Railways started its operations in the year 1853 and since then, the progress in operational quality has been tremendous. Also, Indian Railways is the largest rail network in terms of sheer length and size. Spread across more than 6400 kilometers, it continues to grow bigger and complex to manage. But, the unsullied service and ticketing facilities at the Indian Railways reservation center, regardless of millions of customers visiting the center every day, is commendable. In fact, Indian Railways reservation website could be viewed in different languages and moreover, it features facilities like railway card offers, travel maps, train schedules, festive season offers and more.

Being a public sector venture, it is completely run and funded by the government. Jobs are created every year by Indian Railways for thousands at different levels and people in India are aware about all the perks and benefits that come with the Indian Railways employment. Indian Railways reservation management team has proposed to incorporate ideas from top corporates to help them improve on the overall standards. This again would mean huge job openings at the managerial level. The govt. organization is venturing into rigorous marketing efforts both for spreading general awareness about rail issues and how public contribution towards cleanliness is important.

The online ventures of advertising and pictorial presentations are designed to create awareness and attract passengers. Indian Railways is also planning to lease out the cleaning contract to private associations, to create better traveling environment for customers. The challenging tasks that lie ahead are population explosion, technology enhancement, and competition from private companies offering air travel services at very reasonable cost. Indian Railways reservation process online is hassle free; the complete process takes only a few minutes involving entering of your personal information and online payment. It is not only at the IRCTC official website but also at travel portals that the reservations can be done. Do get it done several days ahead to get confirmed seats; confirmation cannot be guaranteed with current bookings. If summed up, Indian Railways is amongst the precious assets of India.

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Indian Railways And Booking Of Train Tickets

Indian Railways And Booking Of Train Tickets
The pulse of the transportation segment in India is of course Indian Railways. Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India is the controlling body of this department. At the helm of affairs is the Union Minister for Railways (current position held by Mamata Banerjee) assisted by two ministers of State for Railways and administered by the Railway Board. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai is a World Heritage Site; it is the first railway station in India. There are 16 zones of Indian Railways with sixty-seven divisions; initially it started with six. This department of the Indian govt. also happens to be the country’s single largest employer, employing approximately 1.6 million staff.

Getting a railway booking done is today hassle-free. You can do away with the long queues at the railways station ticket counter. There are Indian Railways agents and travel portals that facilitate travelers to buy train tickets to their advantage. No matter which part of the country you wish to visit, you can easily get a railway booking done online. Right from hilly terrains to plains, from deserts to snowy areas, Indian Railways covers all. As per the latest records, the total route length of the railways network is 64,061 km (39,806 mi) and total track used is about 111,600 km (69,300 mi). Out of the said figures, 46% of the total track and 31% of the route track have been electrified. The expansion spree as well as the electrification drive continues. Newer routes are added with addition of newer trains. You can get train tickets to the most interior of villages and where flights and buses are far fetched affairs.

Today, at travel portals you can not only book flights tickets or get a hotel accommodation right from the comfort of your space but also avail train tickets. Railway booking is no doubt simplified but there is a difference between booking of flights tickets and train tickets. In case of the former, you may get a seat with current bookings but there is no assurance of confirmed reservation in case of the latter.

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Check The Indian Railways Seat Availability Online

Check The Indian Railways Seat Availability Online
In case you are planning a vacation via train in India, then the initial thing you should do is check the Indian railways seat availability. You also need to do a lot of train enquiry, especially for multiple locations. Therefore, it is advised that you check for the similar on the Indian railways website or through the newspapers. There is no require to pay a visit to the railway station for the same as the ticket reserving counters are also located at different venues across the city.

One of the quickest and the simplest alternatives of checking the Indian railways seat availability are through online means. Not only is this the quickest way of checking the seats availability, also , it is the most reliable. With the official website of the Indian railways it is additionally possible to book your seats via credit card or debit card payments. Another advantage that you get with online reserving is that you can check for Indian railways seat availability in the similar compartment and sequential seat numbers too.

Since, the railways are probably the most used and spread out way of commuting in the country, it is far better to book your seats in advance. Usually, the tickets can be reserved up to three months earlier. So, if you have a trip planned in your mind, it is suggested that you reserve your seats and check for the Indian railways seat availability. Also, you don’t have to worry much about high cancellation expenses.

The tickets can certainly be canceled for very nominal costs if done more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. Flat rates of Rs. 70/- for A.C First Class and Rs. 60/- for A.C. 2 Tier sleeper are applicable. The class/ A.C. 3 Tier sleeper and First class/A.C Chair car is Rest. 40/ while the second class expenses of canceling are Rs. 20. Yet, if cancellation is done within 24 hours or up to 4 hours before the starting time then 25% of the total fare is deducted. Train inquiry service centers and telephone lines offer more data associated with the same.

Browsing for the Indian railways seat availability and reserving seats make sure that you have a comfortable and relaxing trip with your family. There won’t be any need to run around at the last minute and or panic over getting tickets with ‘tatkal’ or the last-minute ticket counter.

Organizing a long vacation with your family. Train tickets are the most suggested way of take a trip in India. Check for the Indian railways seat availability to ensure you reserve seats timely. Ensure that you confirm train departure time with IRCTC.

Indian Railways developing Track to Success

Indian Railways developing Track to Success

Railways are considered as a common transport for common people in the country and this can very well be seen in the kind of trains railway minister Mamta Banerjee is trying to flag off in the near future. Let’s commence the debate from recently announced operations of Duronto, a train with colourful looks which is claimed to be a friend for the transport of a common man.


As per the functioning of Duronto, the super fast or non-stop train, booking railway ticket is also not a struggle as simultaneous to the launch of this train, the online railway reservation facility was also enabled which worked as the icing on the cake for those bullish over the railways in current times.


However, the happiness doesn’t only arrived for some fast travelers but, the youth in the country who love to travel but, get held because of higher fairs, got a gift from Indian railways. At the very start of Yuva express in the country, youth ran for the inquiry to catch some knowledge about the fares to be offered by this train.


Seeing the international tourism keeping an eye over India, the railways is also trying to prove its metal. With the commencement of newly Commenwealth Express, the Indian railway ministry has lent a helping hand to promote and make the masses reach Commonwealth Games, to be held in Delhi.


This is not all, as with the view to achieve big milestones, the railway department in the country has already announced the launch of ‘Technology Express’ in the country, which would be starting the action from the IIT and would reach numerous places in the country.


This mode of transport might be formed for the advantage of common mass in the country but, it is all set to reach the international heights with a lot of developments taking place in accordance to the comfort of foreign tourists in the country. The best example for this development is that booking railway ticket is not seen as a hassle now, as the facilities for online ticketing is helping out a lot of individuals willing to stand far from long queues on the reservation counter.


Amidst of all these positive developments, what the Indian railway department is working hard on is the security part, which is always seen at risk. However, the officials have been seen as working out the troubles relating to the matter but, no one could be sure of any development until the negative incidents actually take a break for at least one year.


Hence, with a lot of facilities and exclusive trains, the dreams are getting bigger but, what matters here is for which extent they come true.


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Indian Railways – Tourism in India by Trains

Indian Railways – Tourism in India by Trains

Indian Railways (IR) is a railway company, set-up and owned by the government of India. Established on 16th April in the year 1853, the Indian Railways has since become one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world. It runs across 28 cities and one union territory, covering 6909 stations in India. It operates over 9,000 trains transporting 18 million passengers across cities on a daily basis.

A plan for a railway system in India was put forward in 1832 during the British Raj, but was put in to action over a decade later in 1844.The first ever passenger train ran from Bori Bandar to Thane on the 16th of April, 1853.The Indian Railways operates many types of trains ranging from long distance goods trains to short distance electric trains. The Indian Railways has been divided in to 7 zones for administrative purposes.

Train is often a better mode of travel, particularly for visiting places in India as it gives you the opportunity to see quaint towns and small villages which are often otherwise missed by tourists.

Indian Railways requires advance reservations for all long distance trains. The Indian Railways passenger enquiry offers a detailed list of destinations and trains that you can pick from. You can then use the IR time table and schedule to pick the train name, timing and check availability of train tickets. Train tickets can be booked online using the IR e-booking services or over the counter at the railway stations. To reserve train tickets and to use other railway services, IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation), an initiative by the Indian railway ministry, is also widely used. It is a one stop platform offering multiple services like e-ticketing (online train ticket reservations), tourist trains, railway tour packages, car rentals and hotels bookings. It has a 24 hour call center to cater to all your queries or enquiries relating to train timings, reservations and tour bookings.

The status of reservation of the Indian Railways ticket can be checked by checking the pnr status. The PNR number is the ten digit number printed on the top left corner of the ticket. The PNR status can be checked by entering this number online on the IR website, by sending the number by SMS to a special IR short code or by calling the call center / toll free number.

The Indian Railways also operates specialized luxury trains to select destinations across India. The list of luxury trains includes the ‘Palace on Wheels’, which takes you through an enchanting royal journey through Agra and Rajasthan; ‘Deccan Odyssey’, a journey through Mumbai, Goa and Ajanta Caves, ‘Royal Rajasthan on Wheels’, which takes you through a royal journey through Rajasthan; Fairy Queen, which covers Delhi, Alwar and the Tiger Reserve, ‘Royal Orient’ , a lavish tour of Rajasthan and Gujarat and Shekhavati train, which takes you on an enchanting trip to Jaipur, Bikaner and Udaipur etc.

What does iXiGO offer?

iXiGO offers quick searches on all trains across India. All you have to do is to select your place of departure and destination from the easy to navigate iXiGO website. You will find all train related information including the Indian Railways time table, schedule and station codes. Choose your travel dates, destinations, class (AX Tier 1, Tier 2, Sleeper etc) and whether it’s a one way or return journey and click search. The IXIGO search engine will pop up all the options matching your search instantly. We guarantee you the lowest train fares. You can pick the train that suits your needs and make a booking instantly. This is your one stop platform to research various trains, destinations and avail of the lowest fares and exciting deals. All this and more is just a click away!

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High on Its Glory – Indian Railways

High on Its Glory – Indian Railways

For most people, traveling by Indian Railways brings to mind a gratifying travel experience. But, some travelers are often edgy about the system and the procedures that are involved. In fact, the Indian rail system is an easy, fast, and relaxing way to get around the country. If you would like to travel the way the locals do and get a sense of the picturesque countryside or just save some time and money on an overnight train, rail travel perhaps is the ideal for you. Understanding the way the rail system works and being prepared for the Indian rail adventure, is important to eliminate the stress of traveling.

Like any great vacation, there has to be a well researched plan, and that goes for the train reservations as well. With almost 100 % occupancy in the trains under Indian Railways round the year, it is undeniably a fact that you cannot get a railways booking confirmation unless you go for advanced bookings. The best way to get all the information you need for train travel, besides railway booking is to go to the official Indian Railways website. The website is very easy to access and will give you many options to choose from including trains between stations, PNR enquiry, availability of seats, daily schedules, and more.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a supplementary and an auxiliary wing of the Indian Railways take care of the catering, tourism and online railway booking functions. With an objective to enhance the standard of catering, hospitality and other facilities with an innovative approach, IRCTC has brought great changes in the Indian tourism industry. Besides a comfortable railway booking, IRCTC also facilitates travelers to take care of ticket cancellations or alterations online. The recently launched call center by IRCTC has given a professional touch to the railway system. A passenger can now dial 139 from any place in the country and obtain all the required information regarding Indian Railways. Regardless of which part of India you want to travel to, IRCTC rightly serves your purpose.

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IRCTC Successfully Enhance the Service Quality of Indian Railways

IRCTC Successfully Enhance the Service Quality of Indian Railways

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation) has recently emerged as an integral part of Indian Railways. This division takes care of food catering, tourism and online train reservation needs of passengers. IRCTC customer care has taken special care of passengers during recent years. It has helped to get catering service and train reservations to passengers at economical budgets. Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation has tried to give a professional cover to Indian train services by arranging best tourism, boarding, lodging and eating provisions for travelers. Readers will be glad to know that today Indian Railways competes with other international train services in spheres of hospitality and onboard services. More than 10 million passengers enjoy high standard catering services every day IRCTC Indian Railway. The primary aim of this newly created division is to make journey of Indian passengers more comfortable and safe than ever before. It extends world class hospitality to passengers with advanced technology and well trained man power.


IRCTC has improved working efficiency of railway employees. Passengers can expect to get improved quality service concerning train enquiry running status, train enquiry number and train enquiry availability. It has improved the quality of catering facilities on trains and railway stations. IRCTC helpline has enhanced the business of Indian trains by filling the gap between government norms and professional approach of private tourism and catering providers. It has successfully built a dynamic work environment by encouraging the feeling of team spirit among railway employees. It also arranges special train coaches and tourist trains to travel around favorite spots all over India. It has setup food plazas over hundreds of train stations to serve passengers Indian and continental cuisines. All food plazas have 5***** level decors and air conditioned surroundings. Passengers can call IRCTC customer care by dialing 139 from any city or state of India. They will be furnished required info about Indian trains in minutes.

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Indian Railways and Technology

Indian Railways and Technology

With plenty of concentration applied over the segment, Indian railways are working well and recording notable profit for the government. Actually, the railway segment is working to take some benefit out of it as the technology is boosting up. You will be shocked by the fact that all the money earned through railways is invested in railway development only.


This is not a myth and one can say that because the developments taking place in Indian railways are very much visible to the people travelling through new as well as old trains. First development which took place more than a year ago is of easy railway bookings. This was made possible only with the development of IRCTC website which is easing off masses with the facility of online railway tickets.

Besides railway reservation, the benefit for common man has also been arrived in the form of an easy access to train schedule. Gone are the days when people had to open a heavy booklet to have a look at the Indian train timetable. Today, the usage of web is enough to have looked at the schedules and that too updated ones which gets manipulated at the last moment, leaving a lot of people wait at the platform.

Further, we can take up the fact of comfortable railway travel which is very much visible today even if we are not traveling through well known Rajdhani or Shatabdi Express. The new arrivals in Indian railways like Duronto, Yuva Express and many more have ensured that whether a person is traveling in AC or non-AC, he should end up experiencing a comfortable journey.


Now coming to the point of declining train fares, which were manipulated at a higher extent in order to provide some benefit to the common men in the country? With the trains like Garib Rath etc, many people with lower earnings have found the comfort in a train journey. This almost impossible thing has turned out to be possible with a business mind which applied by the former Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav and present minister Mamta Banerjee.


One can say technology as well as the increasing corporate system has played an important role in developing the whole scenario with Indian railways. Firstly, the technology has boosted the usage of plastic money due to booking an online railway ticket has turned out to be an activity of few minutes. Further, the corporate system has sponsored the Indian railways which have bought money in the picture and benefit for a lot of train travellers.


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Indian Railways – The Pride of India

Indian Railways – The Pride of India

Indian Railways and IRCTC share an important pattern inside the central government machinery. Since its launch in 1857, IRCTC has been Indian Railways’ best service ever produced. Operating between 7100 stations with more than 61,000 coaches, Indian trains is the 4th largest rail network in the world. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) came into online operations when the online trend was gaining momentum. It is the marketing portion of the Indian Railways and both are working together to bring reforms to organizational performance.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DMRC, is an integral part of Indian Rail and it was launched in 1995. The latest achievement of DMRC is the successful completion of Delhi Metro rail lines before Commonwealth Games. Certainly, Delhi Metro is an example of flawless technology and perseverance. Like IRCTC, Delhi Metro has brought laurels to Indian Railways.

If you visit the IRCTC website, you will come across holiday offers, hotel bookings and rail packages too. Prior to IRCTC, railway booking was done through ticket counters at railway stations or any some public service offices. But, with the advent of IRCTC, railway booking can be done online and it has become a painless affair. You can get etickets at this site. Students traveling on etickets should carry Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School /College. Other passengers should carry a Nationalised Bank Passbook with photograph. This was put to effect from 15 June 2010.

Railway booking can be done virtually for any class. From AC coaches to disability support, everything can be booked online at IRCTC. There is an extensive feedback machinery setup by Indian Railways in order to generate general public opinion about all Indian Rail operations, including IRCTC. Such endeavors help the govt. organization stay abreast with public demand and expectations. Till date, Indian train has made major developments such as Delhi Metro, building new stations, executing better reforms, IRCTC and disability support services, which helps billions of passengers on a daily basis travel at ease. Hope, ‘the pride of India’ touches greater heights in future.

Visiting destinations by train is always fun. Right from the departure to arrival, you will enjoy myriad experiences; the diverse sceneries as you pass by are no doubt a feast for the eyes. IRCTC of Indian Railways always innovates, introducing passenger-advantageous packages from time to time.

Are you aware of the fact that the IRCTC portal of Indian Rail is the largest and fastest growing e-commerce website in the Asia-Pacific region? Well, there are lakhs of users who do their railway booking online. No wonder IRCTC has been honored with a number of awards till date because of its contribution to the travelers’ community at large.

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