Religious Tourism in India on Rise

Religious Tourism in India on Rise

India is undoubtedly the most preferred destination when it comes to religion and spirituality. In fact, that is what makes it unique in terms of travel.

If one considers that religious destinations in India are only confined to worship, one has to reconsider it sooner. Taking into account the buzzing activity in terms of tourism in and around these destinations we find that they have immense potential in attracting tourists from all over the world.

Despite religious destinations are catching fast with the expectations of the tourists, Indian tourism industry is realizing its vast untapped potential and doing the needful to make it more travel friendly and hassle free.

Indeed, it will not be an exaggeration to say that religious tourism in India has taken a new dimension as it takes the support of the luxury hotels as well. If you take into account many leading chains of hotels like Country Inn and Suites by Carlton, Ista, Radisson, we find that most of their buildings have come up closer to popular religious spots. Haridwar, Amritsar, Katra and Varanasi are to name a few.

Ultimately, these big chains of hotels have realized the importance of luxury travel coupled with religious tourism in India. As they know that today’s pilgrims are not inclined towards budget stay, they don’t want to compromise on facilities and comfort. This is what makes them opt for luxury hotels compared to dharamshalas in the previous times.

In terms of facilities as well, the recent addition of helicopter making the pilgrims see the Vaishno Devi Shrine, it indicates that religious tourism in on rise. It does not matter how much pilgrims have to pay. It is ultimately the comfort and convenience at the end of the day. Moreover, for pilgrims, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance.

As we know that most luxury hotels target to make the trip a memorable experience for devotees, they are adding facilities to make sure to implement it. Gone are the days when religion meant to be confined to abstinence from luxury and comfort.

Now as the travel has gone affluent, so does the pilgrims’ way of life. As far as areas of high reputation in terms of religion are concerned, there is no dearth of it.

In fact, the growing number of NRIs and foreign tourists visiting from UK, US, Israel, Germany, and Thailand opting for religious destinations is boosting religious tourism in the India context.

One of the other fascinating parts of religious tourism in India is that every religion has many destinations. Be it Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam, India gives access to all of them in its vicinities.

What’s more, as there is no dearth of spa, ayurveda, and yoga, the experience becomes wholesome when it comes to India travel.

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